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Stay connected with Supremo.
Easy Connection, Easy Support

Supremo is a free and reliable software for remote assistance.
No installation required, high security, running as service, address book.

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Supremo Features

Key features of Supremo:

Small and easy to use
Supremo is a free remote desktop software created to be a fast, portable and easy to use solution to provide remote assistance to customers. Supremo is constituted by only one executable file, that is very small and doesn’t need any installation. The customer must simply download the file Supremo.exe from this website, activate the connection and accept the support request.
No router / firewall configuration
Supremo uses a fast and versatile data transfer protocol, to easily allow you to connect to remote computers even behind routers and firewalls, without change any network configuration. Supremo doesn’t need any installation or setup, and its connection is extremely secure thanks to its integrated encryption and HTTPS protocol (SSL).
Multi connection
Supremo allows multiple users to connect to the same computer. This can be very useful when you need to do complex assistance sessions or when you need to do an internet presentation. For example, you customers can connect at the same time to a computer in your company and see a presentation of your products and services.
File transfer with FTP client style and Drag & Drop
Supremo provides an integrated file transfer application, that allows you to explore the disks of the remote computer and transfer files and folders in both directions. You can send a folder from your PC to the customer’s PC with a simple click, or you can download a file/folder from the customer’s PC to your local PC.
Security and protection
Supremo is a secure and reliable application. All the data transferred by Supremo over the internet are encrypted with a strong encryption algorithm. In addition Supremo uses the secure HTTPS (SSL) protocol, ensuring in this way one of the highest security level for data transfer.Regarding the security measures for remote desktop connections, Supremo allows to configure some important parameters to avoid unauthorized accesses. You can set and IP filter to block or allow multiple IPs or specify a password that can be specified by remote users in order to connect.
A lot of useful features
Supremo provides a lot of useful features in order to simplify the remote assistance work. You can install Supremo as a Windows service, to make the connection always available in background. You can set connection filters for certains IPs or IDs, in order to limit the possibility of connection only to some users. You can create a detailed address book where you can register all your contacts and customers.With Supremo you can transfer files and folders in both directions, and you have several advanced features to adjust bandwidth usage and visual aspect, to send remote commands and to automatically transfer clipboard. Finally, Supremo provides an integrated chat application, that allows you to chat with multiple users while you are connected for remote asissatance.

Free Download

Supremo_logo    Download Supremo 
   Size: 2,27 MB

Compatible with:
Windows XP – 2003/R2 – Vista – 2008/R2 – 7 (32/64 bit)

Quick Specifications
Version: 1.5.9
Size: 2,27 MB
Release date:  22/03/2012
Languages available:

Fast and lightweight software

Download and use it in few seconds. Supremo is a free remote desktop software for Windows. It is also compatible with Windows 7 64 bit and Windows Server 2008 R2. You can use Supremo to remotely connect to the computers of your customers, providing to them a fast and reliable assistance service with a minimum effort. Supremo is made by a single small file, that doesn’t need to be installed and doesn’t affect in any way system performances. Finally, you have a lot of useful features, like connection history, address book, bi-directional file transfer with FTP client style, multi-user chat, password protection, IP filter and the possibility to install Supremo as a Windows service.

Supremo is a free software by Nanosystems S.r.l..
Copyright © 2010-2012 Nanosystems S.r.l.


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