Incalzirea Globala: "Aceasta este singura planeta pe care o avem, iar noi trebuie să facem tot ce putem pentru a o proteja"…. Participi si tu ??!


This is the only planet we've got, and we have to do everything we can
to protect it — including action to fight climate change. “B.O.

Our communities are already experiencing the effects of climate change now. We can’t afford not to act.  Speak up now in support of big steps forward on climate change. 

Or go to: Obama Organizing for Action

ChronoZoom – The Zoomable timeline for Big History

ChronoZoom is the Zoomable timeline for Big History

With ChronoZoom, you can browse history, rather than digging it out piece by piece.
ChronoZoom is a timeline for all of history: From the Big Bang, to the time of the dinosaurs, to the present.

Motivation and Introduction

“Big History” is a new and emerging field that attempts to unify the past — all of the past — from the beginning of time, through the four major historic regimes of Cosmic, Earth, Life and Human history, up to the present. It offers a broad understanding of how the past has unfolded, and the opportunity to think about what unifying characteristics there may be in all kinds of history. It presents a motivation for bridging the intellectual chasm between humanities and sciences.

Introduction Video

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