Searching with VirusTotal

VirusTotal stores all the analyses it performs, this allows users to search for reports given an MD5, SHA1, SHA256 or URL. Search responses return the latest scan performed on the resource of interest. VirusTotal also allows you to search through the comments that users post on files and URLs, inspect our passive DNS data and retrieve threat intelligence details regarding domains and IP addresses. Learn more about searching with VirusTotal.

 Sending files as email attachments

VirusTotal’s email interface lets users send files via email and receive the scan results in their mailbox. The files are uploaded as email attachments and the results can be received either as plain text or XML. The files sent via email have a lower priority, therefore, the scan results will not always be sent back immediately. Learn more about VirusTotal’s email interface.

 Public API

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WPScan for Android, WordPress vulnerability scanner

Till now WPScan was available for desktops, but recently a android hacker ‘Alessio Dalla Piazza‘ developed and releases the Android version of WPScan, a WordPress vulnerability Scanner. It is written in java which attempts to find known security weaknesses within WordPress installations. Although we know that desktop version of WPScan is really work slow with many advance options of scanning. So this handy pocket version for Mobile devices will be helpful for those, who can’t sit in front of their computers for waiting results. It includes user enumeration, timthumbs file detection, themes detection, version detection and many more features. Author also released the full source code on Github. Install or download apk from Google Android Market.
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„”;”C:totalcmdpluginswdxxPDFSearch.wdx„;”Trojan horse PSW.Generic8.CKBY„;”Infected”

Cum rezolvi problema:

  1. Turn off ‘System Restore on all drives’
  2. Delete the file ‘xPDFSearch.wdx
  3. Delete the file ‘xPDFSearch.lng
  4. Restart Windows
  5. Turn on ‘System Restore on all drives’


 - nu ai nevoie de fisierul asta aproape niciodata,
ca si de multe alte extensii asemanatoare.
 Asa ca nu mai instala in TCMD extensii decat daca esti sigur
ca nu e infectat si ai nevoie neaparat de utilitatea lui !!